What do I need to wear? Strong boots or shoes are a must. Preferably with ankle support and plenty of tread. Bearing in mind the British weather! And the fact you’ll be running around the woods, the most likely cause of any injury is unsuitable footwear. Gloves and a hat are an option. Camo coveralls, vforce armour face mask is provided free from paintball HQ, but wear loose fitting, old clothing underneath.

Can I use my own paintball marker/gun? At Paintball HQ we want everybody to have a brilliant day, so if you do have your own equipment please call us before hand and we will make a decision on whether it can be used or not, because if you turn up on game day without asking there are no guarantees you will be able to use it.

Is paintball dangerous? A representative medical board in America compared the injury statistics of a number of sports. They concluded that you were more likely to become a casualty from a round of golf than from a day paintballing! Provided you follow the basic safety rules that our staff strictly enforce during your visit, the worse you can expect is aching muscles and the odd bump or bruise.

Can I bring my own paintballs? Unfortunately our insurance and health and safety rules state that only paintballs supplied by paintball HQ can be used on our paintball site. And please be assured we only use top quality draxxus paintballs on our paintball site (made by pro caps).

Is the day affected by the weather? Weather conditions do not affect us in the slightest. Some guests prefer paintballing in the wet and mud, others like it sunny and dry. Whatever the weather you’ll hardly notice with the excitement and adrenaline! Rush you get.

Do I need to be experienced to play at paintball HQ? No. The majority of our customers have never played paintball before – so you’ll soon find you’re not alone in getting to grips with the game. Our experienced marshals are always on hand to advise and point players in the right direction.

What’s the minimum age for paintball HQ? The minimum age for paintball at paintball hq is 12 years old, anyone under the age of 16 has to be signed for by there parents or guardian.

Do I need to book? In order for Paintball HQ to organize your day successfully we need to know how many players will be partaking so booking is essential.

More help from paintball HQ? If you have any question please call north west Manchester’s premiere paintball site. Paintball HQ.